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Winery Tours in Michigan

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Planning a Winery Tour in Michigan?

Wine; it's one of those beverages that everybody can enjoy (as long as they're over 21)! There's something about a glass of perfectly aged wine that can relax even the most uptight of individuals. Wine is usually present for all of life's most important celebrations, whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, or a simple gathering of friends. If wine is involved, it's certain to be a good event, and we know that you agree. After all, why else would you find yourself on this page? We're prepared to go over everything you will need to know in order to plan the most convenient winery tour of all time. Whether it's finding a way to get there in style and comfort, what types of snack to enjoy during the tour, or which wineries to visit to begin with, you'll find an answer here in this guide. We're happy to be able to bring you a fantastic option for a night out on the town with all of your friends. Some of these wineries may be outside of Michigan, or perhaps outside of your local area, but have no fears. With the right transportation, you'll be able to visit any and all of these wineries in one fantastic night.

It goes without saying that limousines and limo buses are the best ways to get to and from winery tours in the Michigan area. This is because you're going to be able to enjoy your favorite beverage without worries of who is going to be the designated driver at the end of the night, or even dealing with traffic itself. With this transportation, you wont be limited to one or two wineries in the area...and that's a great way to ensure everybody has a great time. Consider playing some Wine Tasting Games while you're on the road to a local winery! You can always hold a "Train Your Palate" game, play a winery version of monopoly "Wine-opoly", a game of matching wines to their descriptions, the Blindfolded Wine Challenge, or an Aroma Identification Game. Offer prizes in the form of bottles of wine, wine openers, or other wine accessories. You can find this super affordable at your local dollar store, and it definitely adds a personalized touch to your Michigan winery tour. This will help pass the time from one winery to another while you're on your luxurious limousine or limo bus.

People go on winery tours to commemorate a host of different experiences. Girls getaways, bachelor parties, weddings and receptions, greeting out of town guests, class reunions, milestone celebrations, business entertaining, company retreats, family reunions, and many other events can be made even better with a winery tour mixed in. We have some tips to ensure your winery tour in Flint is the best yet. You may want to plan your tour on a weekday, as wineries can become completely overcrowded on the weekends. Some professional wineries even say not to wear any perfume when you come for a wine tasting, as that can have a bearing on how you perceive the taste. Don't chew gum or eat mints, as that's another thing that can affect the taste of the wine you're trying. It's imperative for you to stay as hydrated as possible so you don't wake up with an awful headache the next morning. Keep some food in your stomach, as you don't want to get completely wasted on your winery tour! Unless, of course, that's the experience you're looking for, then be sure not to spit any of your samples into the bucket. Regardless of whether or not you're buzzing, you're going to have a great time in the charming atmosphere of Michigan wineries.

If you've never been on a winery tour before, you're certain to learn things that you've never heard before. On top of a wonderful learning experience, you get to taste the highest quality wines in all of Michigan. Keep in mind that you don't have to rinse your glass between tastes, unless you're trying a white wine after a red wine. Also, don't feel bad for not finishing a wine that you don't like, as the wine makers will not take it personally. The less wine you drink, the more wineries you will get to visit, as you won't be completely wasted. Consider bringing alone some travel friendly snacks such as hummus and pita chips, a bread bowl filled with dip and veggies to go along with it, a party platter with olive, cheese, and nuts...or whatever else strikes your fancy. Your stomach will thank you for the treats after filling up on wine! After you've read through this guide to wineries in Michigan, you're likely ready to set up your personal tour. We know you're going to have a fantastic time in the Flint area!