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Limo Flint Events

Whether it's a wedding or a night on the town, the people of Flint look to have a good time. In that regard, Limo Flint is here to help! We offer great rates on the most luxurious vehicles around... vehicles which are great for any event. For a few examples of events we commonly get contracted for, see the following. But bear in mind, the range of events that our expert staff has experience in handling goes far beyond what you see here:


While we may provide limo service to a lot of weddings and wedding events throughout the year... At Limo Flint we know and understand that each and every wedding has different dynamics to it and we stand ready to be able to adapt to any situation that might arise surrounding your wedding. Our limousine and limo buses have a wide range of features and custom interiors so there's something for every taste to accentuate any theme or mood you're looking to set! You'll also find our highly trained and experienced chauffeur staff is both perceptive in this regard, and have a fine attention to detail that might avert any issue regarding your wedding's transportation.

Winery and Brewery Tours

Are you looking for a new way to have fun in the Flint area? How about with a winery and brewery tour? This is one of the best ways to truly enjoy your surroundings. Our customers love to use our limo buses and limousines for this type of get together because there's no pressure! You can visit wineries and breweries all throughout the state without a single care. Not to mention, the fact that you'll have a designated driver behind the wheel makes the entire thing completely worth it. Call us now to reserve your limousine or limo bus.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Like weddings, your bachelorette and bachelor parties are viewed as once in a lifetime events. You're not going to want to trust the transportation for this big night out to just any company. Leave it to the party experts at Limo Flint who have a wide array of roomy limos and limo buses for you and your closest friends to enjoy. This way you can rest assured that there will be no trouble on this night of fun, and everyone will make it back home safely at the end of the festivities. Whether you're planning a relaxed evening or something wild, our vehicles are the perfect touch!

Parties, Celebrations, and Events!

Birthday Parties, Quinceanera, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, fund raisers, and much more are great opportunities to splurge on a limousine or limo bus from Limo Flint! You'll find that our vehicles are roomy, comfortable, and able to serve in any capacity that you'll need for this big day. There's no better way to travel! And best yet, for the 21+ crowd you'll know you have safe transportation!

Night out on the town

Enjoy Flint or any of the other great cities in the area for a big night out on the town! And let us take you out in the ultimate style and comfort that you deserve. Pull up to the bar, club, casino, or wherever as a VIP!

Concerts and Festivals

The biggest pain surrounding getting everyone together for a great concert of festival is the logistical headache of getting everyone there, staying together in the process, all while dealing with traffic and crowded parking lots. Well, get everyone on the same page and save all involved the nightmare of dealing with that traffic and unruly parking lot... while allowing yourself the pleasure of actually enjoying the ride there. We'll deal with the "un fun" parts, while all you and your group have to do is sit back, enjoy the ride, and then have a great time at your event!

Homecomings, Proms, and other School Events

Parents, lets all admit to the fact that your teen's safety is the ultimate concern when it comes to events like Prom, Homecoming, and other school events where there might not be a chaperone present at all times. On the other end of the spectrum, you'll find that your kid's concerns are much different. Impressing their friends and peers is a much more important aspect in the mind of your teen. Well, both birds can be knocked out with one stone here. Limo Flint can provide both the safety and peace of mind that you desire, and we can also give them an impressive vehicle to roll up to their event in... which will undoubtedly allay their concerns of appearance.